Easy fundraising that gets...


Why does pizza make the best fundraising program?
Simply stated... Americans love pizza!
Over 3 billion pizzas are sold nationwide each year!

Let Central Pizza help your group raise money for your next fundraiser!

Simply choose from 2 options:
  1. DIRECT SALE - Your group is provided with fundraiser cards upfront. Any unsold cards must be returned to Central Pizza by the end of the selling period with a check that equals 80% of the total amount sold.
  2. DIRECT BUY - Your group is provided with 25 cards of a $10 value each. You'll pay upfront with a check that equals 75% of the total value. 
Sample chart:
 Cards Sold  Profit
 100  Direct sell option: $200
 100  Direct buy option: $250

We've helped:
  • Schools
  • PTO's
  • Sports Teams
  • Youth Groups
  • Churches
  • People-to-people
  • And Many More!
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